A proposal from 1998 on stage at the Beauty and the Beast Stage Show at the then-Disney/MGM Studios (now Disney’s Hollywood Studios).

From the guy who proposed:

I’ve suddenly realized that when this vid was first posted, only my Disney family of friends knew of the back-story. As more ‘youtubers’ view this, I feel the story needs a little more explanation to completely understand. This all took place on the afternoon of May 3rd, 1998. I arrived at the Beauty & the Beast Stage at the Disney/MGM Studios for the next-to-last show of the day. My girlfriend (now my wife) was a dancer there, and I was…well,…not a dancer. ;)

It was my day off, and I showed up to tell her that I was taking her out to a nice dinner after the show. So I hung out in the greenroom with her until call time, and when she went to go get ready for the show…so did I!

Prior to that day I had pre-approved this idea with the stage manager, secretly rehearsed the waltz scene with a few dancers, arranged for her exact track schedule for the show, and had a costume fitting. The way the rest of the moment happened, was pure Disney Magic!

I love the look on her face when her dance partner disappears and is replaced by her then-boyfriend, who she knows isn’t in the cast.

My reputation is indeed intact. This was the video Andrew was looking for.

Well done, Kenny!

OMG too cute!

Love this!